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Bayern Online International IT Days

Awarding of the BayernOnline Award

In 2006, for the 9th year running, trendhouse organised and managed the Munich International IT Days with over 1,500 participants on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry.

Under the motto, “How much IT does economy and administration tolerate?”, the event united current developments in the intersection between economy and administration.

The celebratory awarding of the BayernOnline prize formed one of the highlights. This recognised successfully realised internet projects for the sixth time.

As supporters, the awards were presented by Günther Beckstein, Bavarian State Minister of Internal Affairs, Erwin Huber, Bavarian State Minister for Economics, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology, Christa Stewens, Bavarian State Minister for Employment, Social Affairs, Family and Women as well as Siegfried Schneider, Bavarian State Minister for Education and Culture. BR presenter Sabine Sauer led the audience through the program.

“As speaker of the congress, it is a joy for me to be able to once again express a huge thank you on behalf of the event organisers for the highly professional organisation of this congress.”
Prof. Dr. Ing. Ingolf Ruge, TUM, Speaker of the congress