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CD Release Jonas Kaufmann

“Sehnsucht” by Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kaufmann sings in German, longing is one of the key motives in German romanticism, the cover of the new album is even decorated with Caspar David Friedrich's “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog”.

Our home country, loved, glorified, simply there and yet home - what would be better than holding a German event?

The ingredients: a charismatic opera tenor, dressed in high-quality German fashion by Strenesse, German arias, fine delicacies and treats for the taste buds illustrated with images from our home projected via VJ in the hollows of the Munich Eisbach Studios. Suddenly the tenor's grand piano was in the middle of the Black Forest, or at the Helgoland coast. A cultural evening for all the senses, far away from the folksiness and Gelsenkirchen Baroque.