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850 Years of Munich

Isar Bridge festival

As the fourth largest flagship event, the Isar bridge festival marked the highlight of the celebrations for the 850th birthday of the capital city Munich. trendhouse worked on preparing this major event for more than a year. More than 250,000 guests experienced a great programme on the bridges and along the Isar. A key highlight was the large show stage on Ludwigs bridge. Presented by Radio Gong 96.3, artists such as Konstantin Wecker, Willy Astor or Wiesnband Blechblosn provided the unique Munich flair and what's more, it was all for free.

However, many citizens also used the opportunity to rediscover their city - a walk over the usually very busy bridges, relaxing on one of the 1,000 deck chairs in the Isar gravel bed: all this opened up a new perspective of the city for many people.

“ music, DJ sounds, light shows. 550,000 visitors celebrated the Isar Bridge festival at the weekend on an emotional high.”
BILD Munich