140 Years | Rodenstock

“How we see the world” – we’re not the only ones with an unobstructed view

A top-class company anniversary of an unprecedented nature. One day was not sufficient to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the company Rodenstock – it had to be an entire exhibition.
We commemorated the milestone birthday with a roaring start at the end of January 2017 with numerous prominent guests and friends of the company. Celebrities included Cathy Hummels, Barbara Meier and even Florian David Fitz – they enjoyed trying on the various models of eyewear and were impressed by the history of seeing.
Starting with the visit of a construction site last summer and ending with the complete work of art – the new Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (MUCA in short) offered the perfect contrast to the traditional company Rodenstock, which looks back on a long history. Here trendhouse again proved that it is not only important to have an unobstructed view, but also a good nose when it comes to event locations.
The following one-week exhibition also gave the public the possibility to set out to find Rodenstock’s origins and visions.