30 Years | ATOSS

Absolut A30, ATOSS’s birthday celebration

The workforce management specialist ATOSS Software AG from Munich invited its employees and friends of the company to the Absolut 30 Festival, which took place in the Haus der Kunst in Munich. Both outdoors on the terrace and indoors in the auditorium, a large stage for the six main acts and cool lounge furniture designed to look like pallets contributed to the right feeling. Upon arrival, the guests received one of the evening’s highlights at reception – flashing LED wristbands that matched the light show.
Well-known bands such as Lions Head, Patrice and Jesper Monk rocked the Haus der Kunst with their amazing shows, as did the Newcomer and Local Heroes Monday Tramps, The Whiskey Foundation and Claire. The guests were spellbound due to the unique and inimitable acts, and enjoyed the festival in excellent mood until the early morning. 
Apart from the location and the facilities that matched the festival theme, the combination of Alice in Wonderland and the mad ice cream maker, the Arabian Nights with a shisha lounge including henna artist and Woodstock at the airbrush tattoo made this evening so special.
The guests embarked on a journey of culinary dreams and stopped by at various food stations offering doner kebab, pizza, burritos, crêpes, fresh fruit and grilled chorizo. Alternatively, guests could relax at the Candy Bar, which left nothing to be desired.
An unforgettable night, which will be the topic of conversation for a long time to come ...