ALLGUTH is turning 60!

With this slogan, the company ALLGUTH celebrated their 60-year anniversary at an extraordinary location – the Kunstkraftwerk in Aubing.

The building, which is listed today, came alive momentarily for the event and impressed the 350 guests with its unique atmosphere. This was characterised by both the history and the future of the former power plant.

The anniversary’s central theme was art in its different facets. Thus, the guests had already received a special invitation, consisting of 400 small metal plates. They could design these individually and bring them to the event as an admission ticket, thus creating a large ALLGUTH picture.

In the course of the evening, the guests were introduced to the decades of company history with a medley that had been specially composed for the event. Here, the artists stood on the former stoves of the power plant at a height of 8 meters – a breathtaking presentation. Accompanied by delicious food and drinks, the guests also became part of the artistic power plant with an audience’s light painting.

The evening’s grand finale was a video mapping on the wall of the building, which was 20 meters high and offered a glance into the future of the artistic power plant in a playful way. 

The evening was a glamorous start to a future full of expectation and exciting developments, and trendhouse would like to say thank you for the trust and the amazing cooperation.