Award Ceremony | Barcelona

Ceremonial act and dinner in Barcelona

Barcelona – a new interpretation

Barcelona. Who does not think of the famous song by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé? We asked ourselves “how can we reinterpret this song of the century in the context of an event?” and travelled to Barcelona for the first time at the beginning of the project to prepare a big ceremonial act. It became clear quickly that a simple copy would not be enough for our client, that the spirit of the song and its special meaning for the city would not be appreciated.
After intense discussions and consideration, together with the Munich conductor Mark Mast and under the significant influence of our client, we finally came up with the idea to develop a modern continuation of the song, to think ahead from the 1980s to the here and now. We were ready at the end of September. In the Museu Nacional d’Art Catalunya, our new composition, the work of the Viennese composer Pawel Markowicz, celebrated its premiere in keeping with the motto “Dialogue Intensified”. While in 1988 the crossover, i.e. the dialogue between pop voice and classical music characterised the song, we placed the dialogue into space in the new version, made string players enter into a relationship with the beatbox and let the choir “speak” to the organ. Have we made you curious? Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you. You can’t buy “Barcelona Reloaded Dialogue Intensified”, it is merely an emotional moment in the memories of our guests one incredible evening in Barcelona.