Award Ceremony | Paris

Paris – city of fashion

... and roundabouts. They were set up in the whole of France, and especially in Paris, in the 18th century, so as to amuse the citizens in the neighbourhoods. A ride on the roundabout was free, at least on important bank holidays, such as Christmas or Easter.
We set up the roundabout – which happens to be a real nostalgic model from the 19th century, by the way – specially for the ceremony in a former Parisian market hall. Symbolically, it represents the circle of life; this evening, it stands for the highlight of life, which is the award winners’ honouring on the festive stage.

Despite all tradition and nostalgia, the trophies are very modern and individual: 3-D prints of the award winners or tailor-made jackets with individualised lining for the guests of honour.
The staging is equally modern: a video projection onto a 2-D screen turns into 3-D video mapping on dummy torsos, before enchanting dancers hand over the jackets.