Award Ceremony | Reykjavik

The HARPA in Icelandic Reykjavik, one of the most world’s beautiful and spectacular concert houses.

The building is pure sensuality and an invitation to “play” with it in a creative way. With its shape, the façade resembles the geometry of the Icelandic calcite crystals. At the southern side, the structure is three-dimensional – millions of freely controllable LEDs allow for light shows of all imaginable sorts. Due to the sunlight, which comes in from the south, the light impressions in the foyer change all the time – a “palace of light” full of magic, which captures subtle moods from golden sunsets and waterfalls to fire and volcanic eruptions.

What a magical place for a great dinner! Afterwards, people were taken to the concert hall for an unforgettable award ceremony. The enactment of messages in exceptional locations like this one is the highlight when trendhouse creates and realises great events. Choosing the location itself already becomes an adventure as – like in Iceland – we establish a unique connection to architecture and nature and then create a common theme for our storytelling.

Dinner took place in the four-storied foyer, and the award ceremony – inspired by the great motto – was held in the auditorium, with snow falling onto the stage and a specifically choreographed dance and ballet show, which ended with a prima ballerina in a projected snow globe. Magical event moments on a theatre stage. Surprisingly different, unique and unforgettable.

A turbo loader for imagination.