Award Ceremony | Vienna

Felix Austria

Vienna is a celebration! With regard to the choice of locations, the Austrian capital is paradise for anyone planning an event.

“Everybody can do easy” is what we thought and developed a concept for a ceremonial act in the famous Spanish Riding School. Where normally the Lipizzans practice their tricks, we set up a festive stage for the honouring of a German DAX corporation within one day.
However, the location did not only play the part of event venue in our concept; with projection mapping, we managed to stage the baroque architecture in a very special way. Our storyline: we showed the journey of a professional life, from the beginnings, followed by the first successes up to the fulfilment of a lifelong dream, right here in the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. That way, content and building entered into a symbiosis, which far surpassed the mere fact that video was projected onto architecture.