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Driving the Future | Motivational Event

Nominated for the Blach Event Award 2015

Why is it always necessary to think about what to do to be successful? Wouldn’t it be easier to travel into the future and see what the correct method is ...?

By means of an original DeLorean (with an integrated time machine), a handful of plutonium as fuel and Marty Mc Fly as an expert for all sorts of time travels, we made this dream come true. We travelled three years into the future, accompanied by the sales team of Daiichi Sankyo, a Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer, so as to get to the bottom of a new cardiovascular drug.

The challenges: we wanted to include all scientific talks into our time travel scenario so as to create a compelling storyline over the course of three days. The result is award-winning – and was nominated for the Blach Event Award as best motivational event in 2015.