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European Commercial Meeting | Madrid

Mission completed! – trendhouse in Madrid

In the middle of May, 350 European sales employees of a pharmaceutical company were appointed agents in Madrid and sent on a mission:possible. The mission: strengthening and further developing the newly implemented sales organisation.
In advance of the event, the participants had the opportunity to post, assess and expand on inspirations and ideas. Together with the Düsseldorf concept agency onliveline, we developed and realised an extensive and interactive workshop concept based on these results. 
3 days, 20 teams and 9 missions according to the motto “mission:possible”.

After arriving in the Marriott Auditorium Hotel Madrid, the agents were introduced to the days to come and their missions. We distributed the agents efficiently regarding the offered Inspiration Talks and the Inspiration Lounge so that they could receive as much input and inspiration as possible. Finally, based on the gathered input, a prototype to strengthen and further develop the sales organisation was designed, presented and discussed. Communication with the participants and also within workshop teams took place via WhatsApp. This made the event even more interactive and meant that we were permanently in contact with each participant. The group chats are still active today.
Of course, it wasn’t all work – people celebrated as well. On the first evening, the agents were received by flamenco dancers and a tuna band at a Spanish finca – all true to the destination. The guests enjoyed perfect weather conditions, a wide range of Spanish tapas and cocktails and also a gin and tonic bar, and had an amazing time. A DJ fired up the atmosphere and turned the location into a large open-air disco.
True to our motto, we spent the second night, the gala evening, at a racecourse with exclusive corporate horse racing. Horses and jockeys were named and branded according to company values, and of course people placed bets. A very special highlight. The three-course gala dinner was accompanied by a dinner band and here, again, the night ended in an exuberant party.

The agents’ participation was phenomenal and the substantial creative results are currently being evaluated and will be taken into consideration regarding the further development of the sales organisation. The 350 European sales employees have thus contributed to shaping the company’s future.

We are proud to have set up and realised this event; it was very complex, from its concept and organisation up to the location in Madrid.