Gala setup within a tunnel in Munich
Dinner decoration within a tunnel in Munich
Gala lighting setup within a tunnel in Munich
Gala stage with artists within a tunnel in Munich
Dinner band

Get-Together | Munich

Professors’ meeting at an extraordinary location

The annual “professors’ meeting”, organised by the regional capital Munich and the Munich Congress Alliance (MCA), took place at a very special location this time. 

trendhouse was able to use the Luise-Kiesselbach-Tunnel as a unique event location before it was opened to the public. This cool and complex and very modern construct was to become one of Munich’s largest traffic junctions. We received the guests with a red carpet and gala tables, which were festively decorated with abundant flowers and large silver candlesticks.

The challenge consisted in integrating the features and characteristics of the tunnel into the event concept as best as possible and to create a pleasant but authentic sense of the space. Thus, we played with the contrasts and used this as the guiding theme for our event.

The opposites of technological, minimised building structure and the traditional, classic professors’ meeting were reflected by the urban atmosphere and the festive gala dinner. For more than 20 years, the Bavarian regional capital has been using this event to present itself as a congress location to professors of various expert committees, and to introduce competent partners from the congress industry – the members of the MCA.

The contrast of the location had to be mirrored in the programme, of course. A show act had been designed especially for the event – a mixture of classicism and modern spirit. Harpist Cornelia Patzlsperger and beat boxer Robeat presented a unique cross-over – in accordance with the location.

A combination of information and sophisticated entertainment. The event’s networking nature was reflected above all in the many inspired conversations between the professors and the partners of the MCA.  

And so, we now look back on an extraordinary evening at a unique location, which now sees traffic moving through.