KOBOLD Austria TOP 100 | Mallorca

Summer, sun, beach and sea …       

… to get away from the dismal weather at the time, 40 employees of Vorwerk Kobold were whisked off to Palma de Mallorca for three days – a Mediterranean gem, both diverse and exciting. The guests were entertained with the combination of culture, adventure, shopping, exceptional cuisine and nightlife. Upon arrival, the bell was sounded for the days to come and guests were offered a welcome drink on a roof terrace with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea, followed by the first culinary highlight in a beach club with a Mediterranean atmosphere and a view of the cathedral of Palma.
The 2nd day was characterised by Majorcan tradition and cuisine. An exciting tapas tour with a few unexpected challenges, which “incidentally” allowed the guests to explore the old town of Palma, not only encouraged competitive spirit, but also taught the participants about the island’s culture, country and people. The event ended with an exclusive dinner at a wonderful, Majorcan finca with live paella cooking – accompanied of course by a charming tuna band.
On Day 3, we experienced the city’s maritime flair, invited the guests to a sailing ship that was 150 years old and hence historic and sailed out to sea – everybody of course had to pitch in. No sooner had we arrived at a beautiful bay with turquoise water than the first guests jumped from the bow of the old ship and into the sea. The host family got out the grill and prepared the barbecue with fresh fish, meat and vegetables. The highlight of the stop was an incredible acrobatics show by the children of the host family in an unbelievable setting. Enthusiastic, refreshed, relaxed, tanned and well-fed, the guests had to pitch in again to sail back to the home port.
In the evening, guests were invited to a Captain’s Dinner in the trendiest yacht club in town and the manager as captain welcomed his successful crew. The highlight of the evening was the unveiling and presentation of the Kobold VR200 robotic vacuum cleaner cake, which was welcomed with cheers and applaud.
Team spirit was strengthened, the participants were motivated to perform to their full potential, the guests were valued to the greatest extent. Goal achieved for Vorwerk Kobold and trendhouse. We’re looking forward to our future cooperation.