Managers conference 2017 | Berlin

In January 2017, we were able to realise a new concept for a sales manager conference for a direct sales company from Germany; their conference format had been common practice for several years. At the first level, our two-step event concept was directed to regional and district managers, at the second level to team leaders. 

For the management level, we developed a dramaturgic concept that incorporated three stages and rotational seating. Change themes were presented on a conflict stage and worked on in a workshop. Correspondingly, the categorisation of the results took place on the solution stage in the context of the company goals and management guidelines. That way, aims for the coming financial year were defined by mutual agreement and could be communicated by the managers by means of a train-the-trainer approach in the following conference for team leaders.

We built an arena for the team leaders. In keeping with team sports, we asked them: is a team consisting of winners really also a winning team? Our obvious answer was no, as perfect passes are the consequence of players working together, and sometimes somebody has to shoot the goal whose position on the field is best, instead of the designated centre forward. Our focus is on our customers, and the winning team has to be set up with their intentions in mind.