Nacht der Medien | Munich

The Nacht der Medien (Night of the Media) took place at a new location and with a new concept this year: the Haus der Kunst (House of Art) turned into a “house of media” for this evening. “The main live act on stage was the newcomer Alina, followed by a party with Antenne Bayern DJ Florian Weiss, which went on until late in the night.” This is how the Medientage München describe Nacht der Medien 2017. We were involved in many aspects of the event, as we were responsible for choosing the location, developing the concept, carrying out the organisation and involving the sponsors in the overall concept.

For us, the Medientage and Nacht der Medien are and will always be a project of our heart and soul. At the end of the 1990s, hence quite soon after the founding of trendhouse, the flagship event of the German media industry was one of our largest projects. Especially the Nacht der Medien was a challenge every year, as we had to design the “place to be” of this glamorous industry and outperform ourselves time and again. We will never forget the Nacht der Medien in the Hippodrome, which remained built up after the end of the Munich beer festival especially for Nacht der Medien, but didn’t look like a beer tent at all any more inside.

This was more than 15 years ago; we are all the more pleased that we were able to delight the team of the Medientage with our new ideas this year. Whoever took part in the event, will surely be able to share our perception: Nacht der Medien 2017 was successful in every way. Great atmosphere, a lot of conversations, amazing media installations that interpreted the expectations in an artistic way, and a high-spirited party until 3 a.m.

It can go on like this – we would like to say thanks and are looking forward to 2018.