Platzl Re-Opening 2017

Holladihia und Holladiho, so a scheens Platzl gibt’s sonst nirgendwo!

That was the chorus at the summer party of the Platzl Hotel, when hotel owner Peter Inselkammer and hotel manager Heiko Buchta together with the Bavarian cabaret artist Liesl Weapon sang the “Platzl-Gstanzln” they had made up specially for this event in the hotel’s courtyard. This evening, the guests could discover the Platzl Hotel from its new side: modern, tradition-conscious and typically Munich.

During the renovation of the hotel and conference rooms, special attention was given to quality, newest technology, local products, regional craftsmen and suppliers and a lot of Munich flair. Thus, the redesigned rooms presented themselves from their best side. The hotel employees took visitors on an expedition through the hotel, on which there were many new things to discover; but also to experience, as various artists provided for numerous surprises: “Volunteers first!” at the Gstanzl singing with Liesl Weapon in the Müller-Pfister-Stube. A Bavaria as a living doll surprised the guests in the hotel rooms. A Karl Valentine imitator quoted the Munich comedian in the Karl-Valentin-Stube. In the Schmid-Wildy-Stube a young actor in a Münchner Kindl costume, who embodied the German actor Ludwig Schmid-Wildy[I1]  as a child, explained that he had posed for his father as the Münchner Kindl at the spire of the new town hall of the city of Munich.

The culinary image change could also be experienced at the summer festival. Instead of an Aperol Spritz, a “Spatzl” was served as an aperitif with Bavarian Moonshine from the hotel’s Josefa Bar. Chef Michael Sobota interpreted Munich specialities modern as appetisers. In the restaurant Pfistermühle, which closed a few days after the event due to renovation, a bread sommelière explained how rye bread crunches.

From a musical point of view, the artistic duo MABEA ensured the right atmosphere.

What a unique evening for all senses! What a nice place the Platzl Hotel!

trendhouse supported the conception, organisation and realisation of the event.