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Oktoberfest Munich Promotion
Oktoberfest Munich Promotion

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A button is rarely unaccompanied.


Six days, three teams and 50,000 buttons embarked on a big trip through the Wiesn-Metropole [beer festival metropolis] Munich.

The Weltstadt mit Herz [cosmopolitan city with a heart] greeted the visitors of the Wiesn with fantastic weather, a good mood and a lot of hospitality, and also our hard-working promoters.

On behalf of VKB they distributed buttons with different motives at three highly frequented locations. 

After only a little while, you could see visitors everywhere on the Wiesn wearing the different buttons. 

We are pleased about this successful campaign and are looking forward to the next Wiesn.


As people say, “after the Wiesn is before the Wiesn”.